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for couples

Christian counseling available for those who desire it.

Couples Counseling

Relationship therapy for when you don’t know how to move your romantic relationship forward. The bomb of an affair, the slow years of disconnecting, or being paralyzed by a decision are my specialty areas. When you are sick of having the same fights and you know you need someone to assist your relationship, please contact me and I can help!

Pre-marital Counseling

You don’t know what you don’t know, and this is a great time to gain perspective on yourself in the context of your relationship. We will discuss your similarities and potential vulnerabilities as a couple through the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment.

Discernment Counseling

When you don’t know if your marriage can survive, and you don’t know if you want it to. DC is a specialized process to help you decide whether or not you and your spouse want to proceed with couples therapy. DC is proven to help many couples feel confident in their process of making this delicate and complicated decision.

In-home Counseling (10-hour weekend intensive)

This time is for couples who want to do in-depth work, and weekly sessions are hard to fit in. Great for pre-marital, couples who want privacy and convenience, couples who are motivated to see progress, and couples in crisis. A minimum of three regular sessions are initially required to confirm you are a good fit for the intensive and so I can tailor the weekend to your needs.     

for individuals

Christian counseling available for those who desire it.

Individual Counseling:

Is anxiety stealing the peace and freedom from your life? Do you want to make changes so you feel more confident but don’t know where to start? I love working with individuals who have depression and anxiety, past trauma, or grief. Together, we will work on you gaining a sense of your identity back as you work towards healing.

Teen Counseling:

I enjoy exploring self-worth, identity, future purpose, and decision-making skills with teenagers. I also connect with teens by working through their grief from a family member or friend’s death. Grief can also look like the loss of an old school or neighborhood, loss of hope due to trauma, or grieving the loss of a dream. Please contact me to discuss if I would be a good fit for your teenager.

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