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Trisha McKeever

about me

I want you to know that I’ve been there, I understand feeling a loss of control, living in relational pain, and being unsure how to voice your needs. I am a wife, mom, and therapist: three roles I am deeply passionate about! I have hope for you, whatever your situation is, because I’ve felt it and seen it with many other wonderful souls.

The relationship between client and therapist is very important. In order for you to do your best healing, I believe we should meet in person for you to discern if my personality fits well with you. I care for my clients and I work hard with them in session. Every person’s story is unique, and it matters enough to be shared and explored.

In many ways we must create our own happiness through life. Are you up for that? To be confident in our self-worth, passions, and values, we must know and accept ourselves. Are you up for that journey? I encourage authenticity, which sometimes means tears, admitting where you don’t have answers, and working on embracing your present reality.

For clients who desire Christian counseling, I incorporate those beliefs out of my personal Christian faith. I enjoy working with churches around the Twin Cities.

I am located in Maple Grove and can see telehealth clients who are located in MN.

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